[Scottish] NAT vs multiple IP addresses

George Mclachlan george at untitledproject.co.uk
Mon Sep 8 10:04:00 2003

I know nada about networking so stick with me

At long last my local exchange has been ADSL enabled. I have been=20
looking about and have found 2 companies that offer a decent priced 1mb=20=

service. The price difference between then is =A330, (=A360  -> =A330)the=20=

more expensive one offers 6 static IP's while the cheaper on offers=20
only 1. I had intended on running a web server, just for fun really,=20
but I will have another 3 machines running as well. Now a single IP=20
address will have to be assigned to the router.  This is where I get=20
lost,  with multiple IP addresses I can easily sort out DNS to point to=20=

the IP of the server on the network. However could I achieve the same=20
effect with the single IP.