[Scottish] Procmail White lists wows

Martin McCarthy marty at ancient-scotland.co.uk
Sat Sep 13 15:52:00 2003

> but the problem is every email that is proccessd is marked as a "White 
> Listed -- " email and so nothing ever reaches the spam filters (in the 
> next rule) Can anyone help me?

I would suggest finding which part of the email is actually matching.
You already hawe a command line (apart from the 'silent' flag to egrep)
to do that in your recipe.  Save the headers from one of your emails
in a file, say, "myemail" and feed that to the command:

  $ formail -x"From" -x"From:" -x"Sender:" -x"Reply-To:"   \
    -x"Return-Path:" -x"To:" < myemail | egrep -i -f white.lst

and take a look to see what is matching.

My guess, based on no evidence, is that your own email address is in the
whitelist file and it is matching that from the "To:" header.  Not sure
why you're having formail pick that up if you want to match on the

Unrelated to your problem, you can simplify your formail command
slightly - any header line starting with "From:" clearly starts with
"From" so you don't need the '-x"From:"' part if you already have

Hope that helps.
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