[Scottish] Procmail White lists wows

Stuart Mc Anderson stuart at nx14.com
Sat Sep 13 12:25:01 2003

Im trying to setup procmail to use a white list file ~/mail/white.lst 
Each email in the file is on a new line like..


In my procmail.rc file ive got this

# Test if the email's sender is in the whitelist
* ? formail -x"From" -x"From:" -x"Sender:" \
     -x"Reply-To:" -x"Return-Path:" -x"To:" \
     | egrep -is -f white.lst
   LOG="White Listed -- "

but the problem is every email that is proccessd is marked as a "White 
Listed -- " email and so nothing ever reaches the spam filters (in the 
next rule) Can anyone help me?

...slowly but surley the pengines are stelling my thoughts, so leave a 
message now...