[Scottish] Sending display to another machine

Philip Ward philward at bigfoot.com
Thu Sep 25 20:09:43 BST 2003

Yeah, cygwin does include an X server, or you could visit wiredx.net 
where you'll get a java X server that runs inside your browser. cygwin 
is probably the best option if you've got it on disk or have broadband. 
Wiredx is probably better if you're on dialup and don't have the disks.
You can get cygwin from cygwin.com (or trawl through your old Linux 
format disks I'm sure it's been on one in the past year).
Make sure that your server has a display manager running (runlevel 5 on 
Redhat and Mandrake) and that the display manager can accept XDMCP queries.
Once cygwin is on your Windows box run a shell and type:
XWin.exe -query <server ip address> :0
and you'll get a full screen X display from the server.


Rory Gibson wrote:
> The simplest way to route the display back to a UN*X box is simply to use
> SSH instead of Telnet- it'll tunnel X by default.
> As for a Windows box, I'm not sure - does Cygwin include an X server?
> Or you can pay out for Hummingbird Exceed (£££).
>   - Rory

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