[Scottish] Sending display to another machine

Allan Bruce allanmb at f2s.com
Fri Sep 26 09:36:49 BST 2003

Sorry, sent this to ray, but should have been to the group!

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> On Thursday 25 September 2003 17:11, Allan Bruce wrote:
> > the windows and "taskbar" appear for a few
> > milliseconds and then disappear.  So there is nothing I can on the
> > at all
> I do not understand.  As the KDE machine is headless, I take it that you
> having problems with the MS-Windows box?  If you want specific rather than
> generic help you will have to be a bit more specific about your set-up and
> what you have done/installed where.

ok, specifics inline!

> Are you using a "standard" Linux distribution? If so which one?

Mandrake 9.1

> What version of KDE are you using?

3.1.3 IIRC

> What version of XFree86 / VNC is installed?

X 4.0.3, RealVNC 3.3.7

> Are you in run level 5?

nope, 3

> Is there a special reason for running the (many years obsolete/insecure)
> telnet daemon rather than openssh?

yes, I am within my local LAN so security is not an issue.  I use SSH to
remote login to work, but I have not set up an ssh server on the linux box
yet.  Any hints as to how I start with this?

> What version of MS-Windows are you using?


> Have you installed an X server and/or VNC on the MS box? If so which

just TightVNC as per your recommendation v1.2.9 (also tried RealVNC but no

> Is the  MS-Windows installation "clean" or do you have anti-virus, port
> blocking, etc. software running?

No anit-virus and no port blocking - I have IPv6 installed on both machines

> If the reason for telnet is because you do not have a MS-Windows ssh
> you should get putty.exe and set the keyboard for the Linux session to
> XtermR6.
> Is your intention to be able to open a window on th MS box and perform a
> graphical login to a KDE session on the Linux box?

That would be great.  I want a decent looking desktop, not just the plain X,
but if thats all I can get then it will do (as long as I can get access to
the (dare I say it) "start" menu)


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