[Scottish] Sending display to another machine

ray rayH at engineering-intelligence.co.uk
Fri Sep 26 10:20:20 BST 2003

> > Are you using a "standard" Linux distribution? If so which one?
> Mandrake 9.1
I do not use this, I use SuSE 8.2, but someone else will be able to help here.  
For setting up VNC the major point is; does are you using xinetd or inetd?

> > What version of KDE are you using?
> 3.1.3 IIRC
> > What version of XFree86 / VNC is installed?
> X 4.0.3, RealVNC 3.3.7

> > Are you in run level 5?
> nope, 3
_You have to be in level 5 for X_  (init 5 as root). This should be in the 
Mandrake stuff to go to run level 5 on booting.

> > Is there a special reason for running the (many years obsolete/insecure)
> > telnet daemon rather than openssh?
> yes, I am within my local LAN so security is not an issue.  I use SSH to
> remote login to work, but I have not set up an ssh server on the linux box
> yet.  Any hints as to how I start with this?
But you said "I have got my linux machine now setup and running as a router 
and mail/web server." so you should not be running the telnet daemon.  Sshd 
is normally installed by default; a Mandrake 9.1 user should be able to help 
here.  Why not just try a ssh to your linux box?

> > What version of MS-Windows are you using?
> XP SP1
> just TightVNC as per your recommendation v1.2.9 (also tried RealVNC but no
> luck)
> No anit-virus and no port blocking - I have IPv6 installed on both machines
> though.
Then when you have configured VNC on your linux box, you should be able to run 
"TightVNV (Fast Compression)* and open a window into kdm.


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