[Scottish] [JOBS] Senior UNIX Administrator, Dundee

Peter George peter at netresources.co.uk
Tue Apr 6 15:33:27 BST 2004

It's not Glasgow, but I thought potential commuters might be interested anyway. 
CV's via me in the first instance once again;


Job description 

Essential technical skills: 
1. Very strong Unix skills in Linux and one of Solaris or AIX. 
2. Strong Cisco IOS and IP networking skills. 
3. Strong programming skills in at least C, Perl and shell script. 
4. Experience with: 
SAN mangement and deployment 
NIS, NFS, CIFS and network authentication systems 
Network security design, testing, firewalls and NAT. 
Enterprise mail and web infrastructure 
Essential personal skills: 
The candidate must be able to manage projects, work with large teams, advocate solutions and best practices, and be a quick learner. The candidate will be working closely with research labs to design high performance computing infrastruture and track the latest developments in computing. Self motivation and self management are essential skills for work in this informal but often demanding environment

Salary : £28000-£33000 



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