[Scottish] [Fwd: Demon ADSL]

William Anderson neuro at well.com
Fri Apr 16 09:22:21 BST 2004

Ian Robertson wrote:
> Has anyone set up adsl on Demon with Linux.
> Am hopeful of running router(netgear) to give access once connected in
> the next few days.  How easy to configure/test?

It's no different from setting up ADSL with any other ISP in the UK who gets 
connectivity from BT Wholesale (which means virtually every ISP in the UK at 

IIRC (I have 16 IPs with Nildram, so my user experience will differ from 
yours if you only have 1 IP), you'll stick router RJ11 in wall socket, other 
end in ethernet device (workstation, firewall, switch, whatever) and you 
should set the router up in bridge mode to let the ethernet device pick up 
the Demon IP (unless it's a NATting router and you want it to do NAT for 
you, in which case let it pick up the Demon IP).

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