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Andrew Back andy at smokebelch.org
Fri Apr 16 12:17:15 BST 2004

I'm just about to re-order DSL. I used Pipex before, but Nildram also look
pretty good. Any got any experiences to share?

Also I'd like to get a package with say 8 IPs, hook up a WLAN-Router and
have a laptop and desktops clients with real IPs. Can anyone recommend a
suitable Router-AP?



Andrew Back
a at smokebelch.org

On Fri, 16 Apr 2004, William Anderson wrote:

> Ian Robertson wrote:
> > Has anyone set up adsl on Demon with Linux.
> >
> > Am hopeful of running router(netgear) to give access once connected in
> > the next few days.  How easy to configure/test?
> It's no different from setting up ADSL with any other ISP in the UK who gets
> connectivity from BT Wholesale (which means virtually every ISP in the UK at
> present).
> IIRC (I have 16 IPs with Nildram, so my user experience will differ from
> yours if you only have 1 IP), you'll stick router RJ11 in wall socket, other
> end in ethernet device (workstation, firewall, switch, whatever) and you
> should set the router up in bridge mode to let the ethernet device pick up
> the Demon IP (unless it's a NATting router and you want it to do NAT for
> you, in which case let it pick up the Demon IP).
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