[Scottish] Samba as a Windows Logon Server

David Irvine maillist at glasgownet.com
Fri Apr 16 10:21:13 BST 2004

> They are still interested in using GNU/Linux as a file server and web proxy.
> Before they commit to this there is one thing I need to know. Is it 
> possible to hold a user's complete config in a user account on the 
> GNU/Linux machine and feed the desktop and all other setting to the 
> windows machines via Samba? Ideally we want users to be able to login at 
> any machine and get the same desktop etc.
Yes, you need to set samba up as a PDC (Primary Domain controller) to
make life easier, make sure your windows clients use exactly the same
version setup.

Create a domain with Samba, then you need to tell windows to bind to the
domain. XP requires some registry hacks to use a specific encryption

You then need to create a few shares for netlogons, and profile paths

Its quite simple to get the authentication working, its a little harder
to get the common desktops working, but it can be done, and its arguably
no harder than administrating a windows server.

Google is your friend for the howto's,

http://www.linux-mag.com/2002-02/samba_01.html is a good introduction,
but there are many guides and many different ways to do this.

Good luck


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