[Scottish] Samba as a Windows Logon Server

Philip Ward PhilWard at bigfoot.com
Fri Apr 16 09:39:22 BST 2004

Can you folks please help me rescue some dignity from my project.
I'm involved in a Church cyber cafe project. They already turned down my 
sub-£1000 terminal server design and are insisting on proprietary 
operating systems for the terminals.
They are still interested in using GNU/Linux as a file server and web proxy.
Before they commit to this there is one thing I need to know. Is it 
possible to hold a user's complete config in a user account on the 
GNU/Linux machine and feed the desktop and all other setting to the 
windows machines via Samba? Ideally we want users to be able to login at 
any machine and get the same desktop etc.
If this proves impossible then someone is going to buy Small Business 
Server and GNU/Linux will be relegated to a P100 running Squid and 

Please help.



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