[Scottish] [Fwd: Demon ADSL]

David Irvine maillist at glasgownet.com
Fri Apr 16 14:58:20 BST 2004

> If you have not already got your router give serious consideation to 
> getting an etec 38xx router (they have noraml ethernet, integrated 4p 
> hub, and wireless flavoured ones).  I install them all the time and wont 
> let the company buy any other type, since they are easy to set up with 
> basic configuration, they plain damn work, and if you are looking for 
> more advanced options, I pretty much covers everything, such as virtual 
> servers (port forwarding) nat, bridge filtering, etc.
I'd also recommend the 384 Series netgear routers, very good pieces of
kit. D-Link 50x series are also pretty good.


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