[Scottish] [Fwd: Demon ADSL]

Andy Gilmour andyg at lodge.glasgownet.com
Fri Apr 16 14:42:21 BST 2004

Yeah, I use demon with a etec wirelesss router, and it just plain damn 
works.  simple case of  entering ISP details and bobs your uncle, auntie 
or relative of your choice.

I have only a single ip from demon, however, it would be simple to cater 
for multiple ips (with the etec unit anyway)

If you have not already got your router give serious consideation to 
getting an etec 38xx router (they have noraml ethernet, integrated 4p 
hub, and wireless flavoured ones).  I install them all the time and wont 
let the company buy any other type, since they are easy to set up with 
basic configuration, they plain damn work, and if you are looking for 
more advanced options, I pretty much covers everything, such as virtual 
servers (port forwarding) nat, bridge filtering, etc.

But if your just wanting a basic setup, you just ignore al l the other 
options in the web based config and put in your isp details

Ian Robertson wrote:

>Has anyone set up adsl on Demon with Linux.
>Am hopeful of running router(netgear) to give access once connected in
>the next few days.  How easy to configure/test?

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