[Scottish] Cheapo digital camera recommendations

Billy billy at kuranes.co.uk
Mon Apr 26 10:18:57 BST 2004

Ben Thorp wrote:
> For 50-100 you should be able to pick up a decent 2-3 megapixel these days.
> I've just bought a Hewlett-Packard camera for £100 from Pixmania.com (IIRC)
> which seems OK. Otherwise, I've also used a 2mp Fujifilm FinePix which had
> excellent picture quality (you can see some of the pictures from it on
> http://www.westendletting.co.uk/search.php ) - 1600x1200 photos and very
> clear.

Thanks :-)  I was looking at the FinePix and was tempted to get it... 
thought I'd check to see what the support was like.  I'm also having a 
look at the slimline ones now too...  amazing how ones budget can 
stretch when presented with prettier looking toys :-)


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