[Scottish] Sunday Invitation to The Chateau

Magnus Lawrie m.lawrie at gmx.net
Thu Aug 26 09:32:16 BST 2004


Sunday 29th August 4-8pm
at The Chateau, 45 Bridge Street

Em_Space - Steve Murray - Magnus Lawrie - Caroline
Campbell - Robb Mitchell - Tim Facey - Mel Wills -
Heather Lander - Kieran Daly - Clementina Fletcher
- Geraldine Greene - Jam Gray - Hannah Clinch -
Larry Elliott - Krisdy Shindler - Lynne Coffey -
Jim Ramsay - Slateford - Kes
music from la station radar


Bastard Son Of Chateau
presents Stephanie Connelly


Chateau Institute of Technology (ChIT)

The Chateau's new computer lab comprises recycled computers running free
and open source software with broadband internet access. It has been
established with the help of members from Scottish Linux Users' Group

Live stream http://media1.commedia.org.uk:7554/ramgen/encoder/chateau.rm

tea & cakes served

http://www.bastard-son.co.uk || http://www.chateaugateau.co.uk

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