[Scottish] wat courses should i take? {Scanned}

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My experience with the hiring process has taught me that the people
who know what your experience means will never see your CV until the
second round or possibly just before interview.

If you are lucky, the initial process wil be done by a human. More
often the larger sorts will be performed by scanner and OCR. Both will
be picking out keywords.

We had a recent hiring for a database officer (pretty low grading).
The 350 applications were initially handled by a secretary with a
keyword list generated from the original advertising. She would not
have known what a LPIC 1 or 2 was, only that if was on the keyword
list, the application would go through. She would also not pay any
attention to your experience. Her only consideration is that if the
keywords were on your application, it would go through.

The 15 second round applications went on from there to be reduced by
someone else to the 5 people invited to interview. The database
manager only saw the applications from the last five candidates.

My point to Ben was to get yourself some certifications, since they
are commonly asked for in job advertisements and will be on these
keyword lists.

More importantly is to breakdown the ad into job description bullet
points, generate your own word list and make sure you include these in
your application.


On Thu, 26 Aug 2004 16:16:35 +0100, William Anderson <neuro at well.com> wrote:
> Andrew Calverley wrote:
> > If you need it grab the cert. If not, don't worry about it.
> >
> > Certs are only necessary when job-hunting. They are a ticket, a key
> > and nothing more.
> >
> > But you only know if that the door is locked when you do not have the key.
> fwiw, the job I've just started here at Lumison (née edNET) specified LPIC
> 2, but my LPIC 1 plus 10+ years experience got me the job.  Also, I sat no
> training courses for my two LPIC exams, I just turned up and passed.  I
> suspect I'd perform favourably for the LPIC 2 exams simply due to my
> experience - note that I'm not saying I'd definitely pass 100%, just that I
> reckon I'd do OK :)
> If any company rejects a job applicant out of hand who looks suitable bar
> the fact they haven't got a piece of paper saying they or an employer spent
> £££ on exams, IMO they need a bit of a slap.
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