[Scottish] wat courses should i take? {Scanned}

William Anderson neuro at well.com
Thu Aug 26 16:16:51 BST 2004

Andrew Calverley wrote:
> If you need it grab the cert. If not, don't worry about it. 
> Certs are only necessary when job-hunting. They are a ticket, a key
> and nothing more.
> But you only know if that the door is locked when you do not have the key. 

fwiw, the job I've just started here at Lumison (née edNET) specified LPIC 
2, but my LPIC 1 plus 10+ years experience got me the job.  Also, I sat no 
training courses for my two LPIC exams, I just turned up and passed.  I 
suspect I'd perform favourably for the LPIC 2 exams simply due to my 
experience - note that I'm not saying I'd definitely pass 100%, just that I 
reckon I'd do OK :)

If any company rejects a job applicant out of hand who looks suitable bar 
the fact they haven't got a piece of paper saying they or an employer spent 
£££ on exams, IMO they need a bit of a slap.

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