[Scottish] I'm astonished!

Daragh Mc Grath daragh.ilug at eircom.net
Thu Feb 5 11:54:51 GMT 2004

edhogg at equus.demon.co.uk wrote:

> I used the feedback function of the BBC website to complain to the BBC for inaccurate reporting. I gave them a couple of other news websites (Australian Broadcasting corporation and the Atlanta Constitution Journal) to show stories that had got the Russian origin and purpose of the virus correct and another couple of sites detailing the purpose (viruslist and Symantec)
> I know another story about this got amended after email in from dribbling Linux loons so if you use the feedback form, be rational and cite sources (preferably "repectable ones", this may not be Newsforge) maybe the Beeb will change the article.


There's quite a horrifying situation unfolding on the Irish Linux User 
Group about this also. All details can be found at the below link:


Of particular interest are the below threads, but there's plenty of 
others related too:

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about MyDoom and Linux/OSS community
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