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Hello All,

I'm pleased to say that Eric Raymond has agreed to give SB a talk for
our April meeting. This will almost certainly be on our normal meeting
night, the third Thursday, 15th April.

The subject will be Eric's choice, although I have said that we are most
interested in promoting the use of Open Source software in local
organisations (whether business, academic or voluntary).

We expect to invite other LUG's, the British Computer Society, local
businesses, especially IT mandarins, as well as academics and students.
If anyone has any ideas for promotion, please come forward.

A key factor is to book a suitable venue, and Tim is currently looking
at the possibilities (it has to be low-cost, preferably free!), and we
need an indication of how many to expect. Too small a room and we'll
have to turn people away, Too big and we may look silly.

So that we can begin to gauge the likely response, please will LUG
members reply to the list indicating if they intend to come to this
meeting. Normally we get but a small proportion of the list, will this
be different ?

Please let us know.


John Pinner.
john at clocksoft.com
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