[Scottish] Scottish Server Hosting

Chris Binnie chris at belowzero.biz
Thu Feb 26 13:26:46 GMT 2004

> I personally wasn't, but interesting that your mail went through the edlug
> list with nary an eyelash being batted, and here you've incurred the wrath
> of slug :)

Them's the breaks ;-)

> Depends what you mean by bargain.

Well, are far as we can tell this is near enough half price what any other colo company are
offering in Scotland. Flights to London may be cheap but it takes time to get there and respond..

> Also, if I was going to host in Edinburgh, what benefits are there from some
> random "data facility" in the city centre, when Scolocate is a world class
> colo and IX over in the Gyle?

Ahh, the debate may go on for a while if I reply in too much detail. Of course we understand that
whenever you choose a host, you need loads of information on how they operate and knowing a
little more about the environment they run their kit from is also really important.

Essentially we know what we're doing. Our staff have been offering colo to the likes of Freeserve
since the beginning of '97, longer than any other Scottish company. The company we worked for
until 2000 were Telecity's first customer in Scotland and we moved away when they closed the
Scottish facility. Our new facility is ran by a company who run over 125 facilities worldwide and
they have many years of experience. It's also not a few feet away from Scotland's busiest train



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