[Scottish] Scottish Server Hosting

William Anderson neuro at well.com
Thu Feb 26 12:18:31 GMT 2004

Chris Binnie wrote:
> Sorry to those that were offended by my mail.

I personally wasn't, but interesting that your mail went through the edlug 
list with nary an eyelash being batted, and here you've incurred the wrath 
of slug :)

> I'm a keen Linux/Solaris user and thought this would be of interest as it's such a bargain.

Depends what you mean by bargain.  I can get 1U in thdo with 100 meg port, 
serial oob access, 40 gig transfer and fantastic peering for 40 quid/mo inc 
vat, and flights to London are Cheap McCheap of the Clan McCheap.

Also, if I was going to host in Edinburgh, what benefits are there from some 
random "data facility" in the city centre, when Scolocate is a world class 
colo and IX over in the Gyle?

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