[Scottish] Scottish Server Hosting

Andrew Back andy at smokebelch.org
Thu Feb 26 13:57:23 GMT 2004

I really don't want to be responsible for making this thread go on
forever, but..

On Thu, 26 Feb 2004, Chris Binnie wrote:

> ray <rayH at engineering-intelligence.co.uk> said:
> > Like bandwidth charges and £40-£60 per hour for physical access.
> Again half the price of any physical access, not included in packages which we
> offer too for bigger customers, than any other provider in Scotland !

Really? I'm pretty sure when we had about 12 racks in Scolocate and I
spent up to 4 days a week in there for months we didn't get charged a
penny. Nobody appeared to be noting my hours, or those of Sun, HDS etc


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