[Scottish] Copying BBC CD's

kevinmcd at linuxsolutions.demon.co.uk kevinmcd at linuxsolutions.demon.co.uk
Mon Jan 19 16:20:47 GMT 2004

allan at whiteford.org.uk wrote:
> People,
> (And not Rob in particular).
> Could we not discuss stuff like this on the mailing list. It makes us 
> look bad to be seen to be helping each other do legally dubious[1] 
> things. Talk to each other directly or something. There are plenty of 
> internet resources, mailing lists and IRC chatrooms which deal with this 
> topic.
> Like I said, not getting at anyone in particular.
I have to agree with Allan here...the mailing list is not for the discussion of copying software...I assumed it was Bootable Business Cards at first, 'til I googled for phil's original mail.

It's not even software that runs on Linux we're discussing, so, it's _definitely_ Off Topic!


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