[Scottish] Help me wipe out Microsoft

William Anderson neuro at well.com
Tue Jan 20 10:47:39 GMT 2004

Colin McKinnon wrote:
> ...off my laptop, that is.
> After some struggle I now have Xine playing DVDs with sound on my laptop (1Ghz 
> / 128Mb) only problem is the playback stutters every 30 seconds or so (video 
> frames jerky, loss of lip sync). Tweaking the settings didn't help much.

I had similar problems here under win2k when writing to CD/DVD or doing 
bulk data transfers from optical - turned out both my DVD-ROM and DVD+-RW 
were set to PIO.  I reset them to DMA (UDMA in the writer's case) and all 
was well with the world.  As Kyle said, check those settings out and fiddle! :)

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