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Huard, Elise - D C&W Consultant Elise.Huard at sbs.siemens.co.uk
Thu Jan 22 11:10:33 GMT 2004


what would you say are the most useful commands for dbx ? 
(Unix question more than Linux maybe) - i'm trying to find a SIGFPE error in
a sizeable program.
The thing is, by the time i get my debugging code released (signal handler
functions + -g compiling) the code might have migrated from NUMA to AIX.
I'm semi-familiar with the tool 'debug', installed on NUMA.  This has a
great subcommand 'stack', which tells you where you are, as well as
'symbols', which tells you the value of the variables in the current frame. 
On this AIX machine however there's no debug, but dbx.  Hope the developers
amongst you can help me ... (i'm currently in the process of reading the
60-page man, so i will be able to manage eventually but hints from people
who've used it are always useful)

Thank you,

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