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Allan Whiteford allan at whiteford.org.uk
Thu Jan 22 14:45:53 GMT 2004

Huard, Elise - D C&W Consultant wrote:
> Hi,
> what would you say are the most useful commands for dbx ? 

"help" :).

What commands are useful depends on if you're stepping through code as 
it runs or examine a core file. If you're familiar with gdb then a lot 
of versions of dbx include the command "gdb on" which allow you to use 
gdb style commands such as "bt". "bt" is probably what you think of as 
"stack". The intrinsic dbx command might be "whereami", I'm afraid I use 
it with a mixture of dbx and gdb commands.

To find an FPE error you probably want to turn the signal handling 
functions off, run the code, get a core file. Load the core file, and 
find out which line you are on (bt or whereami) - hence which line is 
dividing by zero[1].



[1] Floating point exceptions are always division by zero :).

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