[Scottish] Anybody know a good text editor which can run in abrowser

Rory Gibson rory at deadcrow.net
Wed May 12 13:19:23 BST 2004

Actually there's nothing to stop you writing an applet that communicates
with something (eg a servlet, or anything else listening on a socket) on
the server side. Writing a text editor as a servlet is quite nasty -
screen refreshes would take ages.
Using an applet will allow some processing to be done client side, while
the data can be saved on the servlet.
  - Rory

ray said:
> Applets run in a sandbox on the client.  I think that you want to edit or
> create server side.  You need a servlet for that.  There are classic
> examples for creating a "Hello World" html page in the Sun Java
> documentation.
> --
> ray

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