[Scottish] Anybody know a good text editor which can run in a browser

Ewan ewan at eatnet.org.uk
Sun May 16 21:31:22 BST 2004

Colin McKinnon wrote:
> The subject says it all really - I want to be able to edit some text (code 
> actually) from a browser and post the data back to the server. I guess this 
> is the kind of thing which Java should be good for but typing 'Java code 
> editor applet' into Google turns up a LOT of noise (mostly tools for editing 
> java applets - not java applets for editing text).
> There are no end of WYSIWYG editors (actually most of them are buttons stuck 
> in front of the editor buit-in to Microsoft's IE) but I really want to edit 
> PHP and javascript.
> I did find netedit which is little more than a textarea with buttons on 
> (http://www.chipsoftinc.com/products/netEdit/). ViD looked promising 
> (http://www.oursland.net/vid/) but I don't get the cursor in the right place 
> in any of the browsers I've tried.

You can use php to read a file and drop it into a textarea for you to 
edit. You can then use POST to submit it to a php script which can write 
the textarea back into the file.


You can also use php to list the files in a directory

You'll probably want to add authentication to that as well.

TikiWiki CMS uses this to allow you to edit Smarty templates so it 
should work just as well with PHP.

There are stand alone scripts out there - unfortunetly I've deleted the 
ones that I'd been playing about with.


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