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Subject: [edlug] "Is Open Source a viable business proposition?" Round Two 
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Dear all,

I was called today by ScotlandIS to find out if I knew any "Field Experts" in
Open Source to go against Brad Tipp from Microsoft for a re-run of the last
debate in Edinburgh, which was Microsoft vs IBM Linux.

They need advice on the best OSS expert to ask to go against Brad this time in

I suggested we get a panel of 3, Microsoft can easily get another 2 marketing
guys for their panel.

I suggested one from all the LUGs, one from a Business/Businesses and one from
Schools or the like? Maybe someone like Bob Kerr?


This is to be in August sometime?

There will be more Q&A time this time too.

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Kind Regards,

Gavin Henry.
Managing Director.

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