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Subject: Motion in the Scottish Parliament
Date: Tuesday 09 November 2004 13:34
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Dear colleague,

Following the report by the Office of Government Commerce, I have lodged a
 motion on Open Source and Free Software, a copy of which follows.  So far,
 most of my Green colleagues have signed, as well as two Liberal Democrats
 and two Scottish Nationalist Party members.  I hope you'll think the motion
 is worth supporting, and that those of you in Scotland will be willing to
 contact your MSPs to ask if they intend to sign it.  If doing so, please
 make sure that you give them the motion number and title.

If you have any suggestions for improvements to the line followed by the
 motion, please let me know so that my future work on this topic can benefit
 from your perspective.

You can check the names and email addresses of your constituency and regional
 MSPs here: http://www.scottish.parliament.uk/msp/index.htm


Patrick Harvie MSP
Green Party speaker on all things geeky

S2M-1921 Patrick Harvie: Open Source and Free Software-That the Parliament
 welcomes the findings of the Office of Government Commerce's report
 following proof-of-concept trials of Open Source software; notes that the
 report concludes that Open Source software is a viable and credible
 alternative to proprietary software and that its use can generate
 significant savings in hardware and software costs and reduce licensing
 costs and hardware refresh requirements; notes the significant financial and
 environmental benefit that could arise from a policy of adopting Open Source
 software, including the GNU/Linux operating system; notes the long-term
 dangers for organisations in becoming locked into proprietary systems;
 further believes that the principles of free software and concepts such as
 Copyleft can help to protect important rights and freedoms for people in an
 increasingly digital age, and urges the Scottish Executive to develop a
 strategy for promoting the adoption of free software and Open Source
 wherever workable throughout the public sector and to ensure that all
 software developed with public funds is copylefted. Supported by: Shiona
 Baird, Eleanor Scott, Mark Ballard, Chris Ballance, Mr Bruce McFee, Robin
 Harper, Stewart Stevenson, Mike Pringle, Donald Gorrie

Patrick Harvie MSP
Green Group

Room MG.15, Scottish Parliament
Edinburgh, EH99 1SP

Studio 6, St George's Studios
St George's Road, Glasgow, G3 6JA

0131 348 6365 / 0141 332 6405
patrick.harvie.msp at scottish.parliament.uk

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