[Scottish] Meetings

Gary bsdmail at project415.org
Wed Nov 10 09:18:51 GMT 2004


I think I must be doomed not to attend any of the meetings.
Ever since I enquired about going to one, I have been away on urgent 
business. Its a conspiracy I think.

For those having birthdays, happy birthday, for those given talks, I am 
sure they were good.

I am *hopefully* planning to attend something in December when I am on 
holidays myself :)

My last project kicks off in just over a week or so for this year. So 
hopefully I could soon help to 'rid the world of beer' by attending some 

Should I lose contact with the list in the next coming weeks, I wish you 
all a happy festive season.

PS: Where I am going, Christmas isnt celebrated and beer dont get 
consumed.. *sigh*

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