[Scottish] Router and network question

Magnus Lawrie m.lawrie at gmx.net
Mon Nov 15 14:29:17 GMT 2004


I want to set up a home network with both wires and wireless. I got hold 
of a few bits of kit: a D-Link modem; wireless router; wireless AP. 
Unfortunately the wireless router doesn't appear to work. So I am trying 
to figure out my best option. I am considering these:

1. get the wireless router fixed (minimum £15)

2. buy a new router and use the existing AP to implement wireless 
functionality on the network.

3. build a router from an old 386 (if I can find one amongst the 
debris). I guess this would work out as expensive as the 4port router 
once I had purchased a coupe of network cards and a hub.

So if option 2 is the most sensible (without going to the expense of 
buying a complete new all-in-one modem/router/AP) will it work and can I 
expect any pitfalls in setting this up.

Oh, and it's a network of PCs and MACs if that should be at all relevant 
(but I guess not).

thanks and regards,


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