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Craig Perry craig at onemanstudfarm.co.uk
Wed Nov 17 16:44:38 GMT 2004

Hi all,

The TV/DVD Player just went.

The flat panel's on hold

The ps1 + games are "dibbed"



Craig Perry wrote:

> Hi all,
> *This is blatant spam*
> Having a wee clear out of some stuff, if anyone wants any of the 
> below, mail me off list, all free to uplift (well up to the end of 
> free stuff bit!), otherwise going to the charity shop.
> I've got a boxed set here of suse linux 9.1
> I've got a *huge* back catalogue of PC PRO, Linux Format, Linux 
> Magazine, and Linux User and Developer, anybody want them? Again free 
> to uplift.
> Also playstation one, with about 50 games or so.
> --- end of free stuff
> Brand new, never used "football fridge", i suppose its handy for 
> storing beers in. Works off 240 mains or 12/24v car/truck battery. - 
> £15 - an easy chrimbo pressy for someone. Unfortunately my family gave 
> me it so i cant offload it back to them.
> I'm also flogging a 17inch dell flat panel monitor (decided dual 
> screen is not for me), for about £150ish, 1 month or so old. Comes 
> with driver cd etc (colour definition files). vga adapter, can supply 
> vga-dvi adapter with it though.
> Could also throw in (the worlds crappest) graphics card with the 
> above, its an ati radeon 9200se 128mb, works under linux but my god is 
> it a struggle to get the xinerama extensions playing with this thing. 
> Its PCI based as well, like i said, definately a contender for title 
> of worlds crappest semi-modern graphics card - 1 vga, 1 dvi, 1 s-video 
> out port, with s-video cable for hooking up to the tv.
> I'm also flogging a sony ericsson p900, excellent condition, still 
> boxed etc with disks/cradle/carry case/ spare stylus etc. i may put 
> this on ebay as these things are still fetching crazy money, i'm just 
> looking for about £200 for it. These are quite possibly one of the 
> greatest devices ever invented, but i work for tmobile so just got the 
> p910i upgrade. It's currently on tmobile funnily enough, but getting 
> the unlocking code is no problem. Works with linux - sync with 
> evolution or a few other PIM/Email clients, (can even sync over the air).
> If you want i can transfer ownership of a contract for the above, its 
> £29 a month, 290 anytime cross network minutes, 150 sms,  100 meg GPRS 
> allowance. - on a side note, its funny to go into these phone shops 
> that say find a better deal and we'll beat it by £5 a month, they 
> squirm at that contract then just say no. Please note i dont think 
> there's even a full 6 months left of this thing, when it runs out 
> throw it away because there is no way they will continue this contract 
> at that price. I'll get the CTN changed as well so you get a fresh 
> phone number and i can put mine in reserve.
> I've also got a 2.5G GPRS/GSM pcmcia data card as well. Works under 
> windoze/linux/macintosh. I believe it to be locked to t-mobile, it may 
> not be locked though. This may be a better option for chewing through 
> the 100meg grps allowance each month above. say £60, nothing stopping 
> you putting a prepay sim in it though.
> There's an unbranded tv, think its about 24 inch or so, living room 
> size anyway, and an unbranded region unlocked dvd player both with 
> remotes - £40 for the lot.
> Sorry i thought there was gonna be more linuxy stuff in there, but i 
> cant really bare to part with it all, so just the stuff i dont use is 
> going.
> Cheers
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