[Scottish] Clear out - update

Willie Fleming willie at glasgownet.com
Thu Nov 18 13:23:21 GMT 2004

On Thursday 18 November 2004 11:59, Kyle Gordon wrote:
> Titling an email 'SPAM SPAM SPAM' isn't conducive towards getting it
> through the spam filters on this mailing list. Every one of these posts has
> had to be approved by a mailing list moderator, making it rather unfair to
> those attempting to get 'first dibs' on something. There is no guarantee
> that it will be processed in FIFO order by the admin, or even that it will
> get through at all (since mailman has an option to silently drop anything
> it thinks is spam). Not only will it get filtered by mailman, but there is
> the added bonus possibility of it getting filtered at the users end, if
> they are filtering for the word 'SPAM'.
OTOH your humble mail-admin here _did_ take the opportunity to get first dibs 
in on the PS1 and games. Manually passing all the related messages is/was a 
bit of a hassle in general but its not exactly an onerous task this . I doubt 
very much if I spend more than 5-10 mins a day looking after the list, but 
its nice to get a wee advantage from time to time.

If anyone is upset, offended or just miffed at any of this then my usual offer 
stands ---

Stick your hand up and volunteer for the job. Subject to myself and Kyle 
(deputy admin) agreeing that you are in fact a sentinent being with a blood 
temperature greater than ambient, the mail-admin password will be revealed to 
you. It is then up to you to change that password and let Kyle know.  The 
list is now yours to admnister as you wish. Balls it up and you will get a 
deserved slagging. Anyone who slags you better be ready to do the job 

> In future, if anyone is thinking about flogging items on the list, please
> don't tag it with the world most common spam tag, and just do what most
> other mailing lists do and prefix it with [FS] or something similar.
I'd go along with that :-)

Its been a minor hassle, thats 'all. One I'd rather not have repeated and 
possibly I could look at the spam filters in greater depth. But generally it 
Just Works so I don't mess.
Willie Fleming
willie at glasgownet.com

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