[Scottish] Re: [edlug] Linux training, Chateau projects

Andrew Back andy at smokebelch.org
Sat Nov 27 11:50:03 GMT 2004

On Fri, 26 Nov 2004, Tim Day wrote:

> On Fri, 2004-11-26 at 14:04, Magnus Lawrie wrote:
> > Currently there are several recycled machines running Ubuntu. There is a
> > DHCP server (floppy distro) and a broadband connection. I want to
> > develop things further: introduce a web server, DMZ, maybe some greater
> > network transparency and at least one machine running video editing
> > software. A wireless node would also be a good addition.
> What kind of broadband connection were you planning on getting ?
> If it's ADSL you'll probably have ~250Kbit/s upsteam maximum (don't know
> about cable).  If you're going to have your users putting videos they've
> created on your web server and inviting the rest of the world to view
> them... well, the rest of the world may find itself waiting a long time
> for your stuff to download.  A better option IMHO might be to rent an
> offsite (virtual) server which will have much better connectivity.
> Maybe you can get a good deal for a community/charity/non-profit type
> organization  (seem to remember some previous discussion on the list
> mentioning a local ISP) ?

Your right it's ADSL, so not that much bandwidth outbound, and I don't
think Magnus has any plans to distribute video via the link. They have
access to (external) streaming servers so they can farm out
redistribution if they stream. A DMZ for them would be good for,

* Learning setting up/hosting of services
* Hosting content with low bandwidth requirements, for which ~250Kbps will
be more than enough, it's not that long since people ran servers off
similar sized or smaller kilostream/frame services at great cost. This
would be fine for low access stuff (home pages and the likes).
* An 'extranet'. Giving access to application resources at the chateau
from remote locations, e.g. wiki, forums, mailing lists, project
management apps.

And if they do want to host media files this could prove costly in terms
of transfer charges at a colo, so may have no option other than

Of course if someone can offer free/cheap external hosting that would be

Regarding wireless they have,


And just need it loading with Linux/LEAF/FreeBSD/monowall/.. Well, plus a
WLAN card pigtail making and possibly PoE injector.


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