[Scottish] xbox linux (again)

Georgia Thomson scotlug at georgiagrrl.me.uk
Thu Oct 14 20:04:53 BST 2004

ok, its getting to the time of year people start thinkign about 
christmas pressies.  for those of you getting xboxes for christmas, or 
just because, i am still interested in running an xbox linux workshop 
early in the new year.

primarily it will be talking people through the actual modification 
(hardware / software) of their individual xbox, and the installation of 
a basix linux system onto it.  I may also take it a little further and 
offtopic for those interested in things such as xbox media player / 
center, though people will have to supply their own software for those 
modifications. (i can point you in the right direction, but nothing more)

replies to the list please, if interested or want mroe information.

all welcome, the more the merrier, especially since i think a minimum of 
8 xboxes would be required to make it worthwhile for all in attendance.



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