[Scottish] Skype?

Julian Gibson julian at rjmg.net
Mon Sep 6 11:34:28 BST 2004

Ben et al

> A FOSS alternative would appear to be PhoneGAIM (www.phonegaim.com) which
> adds VoIP functionality to GAIM, and is sponsored by Michael
> Robertson/Lin[dows|spire]

A FOSS alternative is nice, however in the case of this wonderfully
disruptive technology I feel it is better to go with the system
which has the largest mindshare and "market momentum".
Just watched:
with the interview with Michael Powell (FCC Chairman) where he
reiterates his comments about Skype

"If you're a big incumbent and you've sort of enjoyed a competitive 
advantage . . . you, in my opinion, ought to be terrified."
"I think it's going to be the very, very best and biggest breakthrough 
in our ambitions and dreams about competition ever."

Does PhoneGAIM encrypt it's calls?  I bet GCHQ, NSA and the other
Echelon participants are not impressed at the prospect, which on
that basis alone recommends it to me.


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