[Scottish] Slightly OT: audio connections

Gordon JC Pearce gordon at gjcp.net
Sun Sep 19 19:04:48 BST 2004

Joste Bowen wrote:
> I was catchin up on this list when I noticed this and thought you might still 
> be interested that my Soundblaster Live! Platinum has such a connector marked 
> 'Digital Din' on a seperate PCI slot cover with a cable to connect it to the 
> soundcard.
> The card is certainly supported, but I am unaware wether this digital out is, 
> I didn't bother installing it as I had no use (or space) for it. 

My SB Live Value has a 12-or-so-pin header, which has digital in and 
out.  I made up a lead with an LED and a small resistor, and use it as 
an optical out.  Works just fine in ALSA.


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