[Scottish] lugradio live roadtrip

William Anderson neuro at well.com
Wed Apr 20 14:24:29 BST 2005

lo troops,

i have 3 seats in my car available for the trip down to lugradio.  mrben is
organising hotel rooms for us with the preferred hotel - 2 nights (fri 24
and sat 25) for £25/pp/night - see
http://forums.lugradio.org/viewtopic.php?t=709 for more

seats confirmed so far:

1: me (driver!)
2: mrben
3: jriddell
4: ???

anyone interested in the car seat and/or the accom, let me and mrben know
asap; I'm charging £20/seat for travel there and back to cover petrol and
sundries (ginster's pastry things don't come cheap you know!), and no
baggage bigger than a medium size rucksack please.  My Punto ain't a TARDIS
:)  The plan is to drive down on the Friday afternoon and back on the Sunday
once we've recovered from beerage.

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