[Scottish] Help! SuSe Printer Problem

ray rayH at engineering-intelligence.co.uk
Wed Apr 20 15:07:31 BST 2005

Hi Rob,

RB>  SuSe 9.2 Prof since Christmas and last weekend my HP Laserjet 6P printer 
stopped working for no apparent reason 
RB> Suggestions anyone?

This sometimes happens with a directly connected (parallel or USB) printer, 
usually to do with the printer being powered off esp. during a reboot.  Why 
did Linux have to get involved with "Plug and Play"?  The quick solution is 
to use YAST to remove the printer queue, right through to the finish button, 
and then go through hardware/printers again. You should see the LJ6 as an 
unconfigured device (if you don't make sure that it is physically connected 
and powered on (print a test page from the LJ front panel), close and restart 
YAST). Configuring the printer and printing a test page takes only a few 
clicks/selects.  If you are in KDE log out and back in then check 
Utilities/printing/Print Manager to ensure that the LJ6 is set as your 
default printing device.


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