[Scottish] SuSe Internet Access

William Hamilton horus at bawkz.com
Tue Apr 26 04:14:03 BST 2005

yes, its your dns settings you will need to configure by the looks of it.

[23:11] * Dns resolved www.google.com to

Try pinging google directly with that IP and see if it gets through.
If so, its definatly the DNS.
Do you still have access to your Windows install?
Once your connecting in windows, do to the cmd line and type "ipconfig
/all" and note down the DNS Server IP's that it shows you.

Reboot into linux and open (i *think*) /etc/resolv.conf and pop in the
nameservers like this:


(p.s. if you cant get your dns ips or dont have windows up then feel
freew to use those ips instead, they should work)

Robert Barbour wrote:
> Having restored printing services, I need to get back online with Suse. Before abandoning MS Windows, I noted as many settings as I could, covering the dialup access I have with Wanadoo.
> I have a US robotics external modem, definitely working OK, and configured it in Yast/network Devices (US Robotics Courier everything) as modem0 with Wanadoo Pay As You Go. So far so good.
> When I select Internet dialup and give my ISP password, the modem dials and sounds like it is connecting. I get a wee plug icon in bottom right, which gets a jaggy bit of yellow lightning on it. If I other click on it, one option is to hang up, so I guess I'm connected?
> Opening Konqueror's browser and typing a URL gets an error message like "unknown host www.google.com".
> The sytem hangs up after a few minutes, and the lightning disappears from icon.
> While 'connected' an attempt to update SuSe just gets "couldn't resolve host www.suse.de".
> I know I'm missing something but what?
> Do I need to Use Yast to configure any Network Services, and if so which? (and how?).  I understand nothing about DNS, host names etc.
>  All suggestion gratefully received.
> Regards
> Rob

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