[Scottish] SDCard Partition Problems

Ian ian.macphail at ntlworld.com
Sun Aug 14 17:57:24 BST 2005

On Saturday 13 August 2005 9:00 pm, Chase wrote:
> On Saturday 13 August 2005 14:24, Chase wrote:

> Okay, incase anyones following this problem im having, or even has an idea
> whats going on i found sfdisk and now i got a whole knew output from that.
> So i still think im having major problem with the partition table, but i
> dont know how to fix it if fdisk want let me use the drive..
> stuart at polly:~$ sudo sfdisk -V /dev/sdb
> read: Input/output error
> sfdisk: read error on /dev/sdb - cannot read sector 0
>  /dev/sdb: unrecognized partition table type
> sfdisk: no partition table present.

I think the problem here isn't the partition table.  It seems neither program 
is able to access the card *at all*, that's where all those IO errors are 
coming from.  Make sure the card is inserted properly in the card reader, and 
if possible try either another card if you have one, or try reading the card 
with another device (camera, mobile phone, whatever)


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