[Scottish] Weird Problem ( Network)

ray rayH at engineering-intelligence.co.uk
Sun Jul 24 06:57:59 BST 2005

Hi Phil,

caveats:  I don't use Mandriva and you have not described the hardware much.

I think that you have arrived at a kernel that works with the ACPI functions 
of your motherboard and can handle turning stuff on and off properly.  I do 
not know if Mandriva comes with tools to modify this. I suggest a Google on 
something like "Mandriva ACPI shutdown control"

What happens if you switch off the electricity (i.e. at the wall) or press the 
reset button during the reboot?

I think that you should try to fix MS Windows rather than crippling Linux. You 
may need to get drivers for your motherboard and/or update the MS o.s. If you 
are feeling particularly brave, you could always suggest to your wife that it 
is her system that does not work properly and she should either fix it 
herself or move up to the big people's playground; and anyway the internet is 
not a safe place to go to with MS - a bit like taking a push-bike on the M8.


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