[Scottish] July's Meeting

Alan Rutherford alan at nonsite.co.uk
Wed Jul 27 21:40:17 BST 2005

Thats great,  I wanted to attend 2morow, but something came up and I couldn't 
make it : 

On Wednesday 27 July 2005 16:25, Kyle Gordon wrote:
> On Friday 22 July 2005 14:33, Ben Thorp wrote:
> > July's Meeting will be next Thursday (28th) July - all the usual details.
> > See www.scotlug.org.uk for more details and maps and the like.
> >
> > This month Kyle (aka bagpuss - http://lodge.glasgownet.com) will be
> > talking about Linux PVR (Personal Video Recorder) solutions, like MythTV
> > and Freevo.
> >
> > Ben Thorp
> Due to me having a horrendously busy week, and roughly one week to prepare
> for this, it's been decided that I will do my talk next month. So instead
> of it being "Here's how far I got trying to install Freevo...", it'll be
> something a bit more substantial.
> In the meantime, Kevin McDermott has worked his special brand of majick,
> and kindly arranged a pub style quiz instead. Same time, same place :-)
> Kyle

Linux: You pays your money and you takes your chances. 
Thats what makes it great! 

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