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Robert Barbour rlbarbour at castleventures.fsnet.co.uk
Mon May 2 07:08:50 BST 2005

Yup, I mean an ordinary 56k modem connected to a serial port.
I am pretty well convinced the modem side of things does work OK, but recent suggestions to change DNS settings haven't got me online ...
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Robert Barbour wrote:
> When (if?) I get online with the modem, the first job is to update Suse, but it is a case of the chicken and the egg at the moment. Does anyone know if SuSe 9.2 professional definitely works OK with a US Robotics modem on dial-up? I'm beginning to think maybe I should get SuSe 9.3 and give that a go!

Do you mean a regular 56k modem plugged into a serial port? Most if not all
distros should surely be able to talk to the modem as a dumb 33.6k modem if
they can't send the right AT commands to get the modem to neg up to V42.
Serial ports Just Work (tm) :)

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