[Scottish] Website changes

Billy billy at kuranes.co.uk
Tue Nov 1 15:07:39 GMT 2005

I think the current format of the whole evening more-or-less works.  The 
pre-meet drink/curry, then meeting, then drinks & curry is quite flexible and
lets people socialise at the point of the evening that fits in with
their work/life(ha!)/partner/pets/AA-meetings.

I guess it might be useful to have a name-list for signing at the meets
which would let us track %regulars / %newbies / %irregulars which I'm
sure someone could do something useful with :-)

As for meetings & talks, I think we should maybe try a few experiments.
Maybe try a panel Q&A if we can get 3 or 4 people who know about a
subject to take questions (and not fight with each other... ;-).  Also
advertising the info at scotlug address more as a point of contact for
people to submit ideas or potential speakers.

If we go to a "one talk every two months", then on the alternate months
it might be good to have a more decent meal in it's place seeing as we 
don't have to rush out to the meeting?  Maybe not One Devonshire Gardens 
or anything - but I'm sure we can come up with something :-)  A good 
dinner is always good for getting talking done - though it does up the 
potential cost of the night, though might attract people who didn't want
to spend the night just drinking...

I'd also like to suggest something like a bi-annual hardware swap.  Get
rid of old kit, take other peoples old kit away.  To be advertised
outwith scotlug too in order to lure newbies :-)

The other issue is the date in the month.  A few people find the last
thursday quite tricky as it's just before payday so some discussion has
been had on IRC about moving to an alternate day.  1st thursday, 2nd?
Monday as the beer is cheap?


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