[Scottish] Network sound systems

James Robertson jrobertson at lumison.co.uk
Wed Nov 9 01:11:24 GMT 2005

Kyle Gordon wrote:

> I'm asking you lot cos... well, google didn't turn up anything useful :-)
> Is anyone aware of a network audio system that is mostly seamless? I 
> could bring my laptop into the same room as my media box, and 
> artsd/esd/alsa/etc would automatically detect the presence of the 
> sound system hooked up to it, and offer me a chance to use it instead 
> of the onboard sound.
> Using upnp AV, rendezvous, bluetooth, anything? Maybe instead it could 
> have something in the system notification area that knows what sound 
> systems are on the same network, and offer the ability to pick 
> services? I know Apples Airtunes device does similar, but up until 
> recently it was Apple only. Jon Lech Johansen has cracked the Airtunes 
> key, but it's still a kludge to get audio over to it.
> Anyone got any ideas, suggestions, hints, etc?

How about "Implementing Bluetooth Proximity Detection with Asterisk", 
find out more at http://mundy.org/blog/index.php?p=78

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