[Scottish] Hopeless newbie question

Steve Logan steve at bigsmoke.com
Mon Sep 5 14:07:23 BST 2005

You chaps are fast!

Thanks Kyle, I tried the smbpasswd -a steve and it all works fine now. 
I've got a user 'steve' with the same password on both Win and SuSe and, 
having done the smbpasswd thingy, I can get straight in from XP to Suse 
without doing anything.  Hurray.

Thanks again...


Kyle Gordon wrote:
> Unless you're doing cross-domain authentification magick, you don't need to 
> use the machine name on your login, in either the user at host, or domain\user 
> format. As long as you have an account that Samba recognises, then you should 
> be able to log in with just your username.
> Now, having an account that Samba recognises is another matter. Suse may have 
> some spiffy scripts to synchronise the SMB database with the system database, 
> or it may just leave you high and dry. You can add a user to the Samba 
> database by running smbpasswd - `smbpasswd -a steve` - and then entering in 
> an appropriate password. If the user already exists, then it will just change 
> the password for that user. You also have to have an existing Linux user in 
> the system database with the same username before you make a Samba user - 
> which is why I'm surprised that Suse doesn't synchronise it all automagically 
> for you.
> If that fails to work, or you've already tried that, send us the most recent 
> logs (grep "log file" /etc/samba/smb.conf to find out where they're stored) 
> and we can have a look at that. It could be that Windows has some 
> security/encryption options enabled that is confusing Samba
> Kyle
> On Monday 05 September 2005 11:45, William Hamilton wrote:
>>Steve Logan wrote:
>>>After lurking for some years now it's time to come out of the closet...
>>>I've just set up my first serious Linux machine, a PIII 500 running
>>>SuSe Professional 9.1.  Installation went OK and it's now up and
>>>running ready for me to play around with Apache/Tomcat (which is why I
>>>want it).
>>>Here's my question -
>>>I use WinXP for most of my development work and want an easy way of
>>>copying files to and from the SuSe box.  I've correctly set up Samba
>>>client and server on the SuSe box, or at least I think I have.
>>>From the Suse box I can see my Win2003 network and copy files across.
>>>So that direction works fine.
>>>From my XP box I enter the IP address of the Suse box in 'My Computer'
>>>and I get back a list of things - 'groups', 'profiles', 'users' and
>>>'Printers and Faxes'.  When I click on, say, users I'm asked to login.
>>>Here's where my problem starts.  I enter 'steve at cactuslinux' as the
>>>'User name' and enter my password (I have already set up an account on
>>>the SuSe box called steve and I can login fine at the Suse machine)
>>>but I'm not logged in.  I've tried all sorts of permutations and
>>>combinations for the user name but I'm stumped.
>>>I presume I'm doing something daft.  The suse box is called
>>>'cactuslinux' and there is an account called 'steve'.
>>Ah, you dont need to use the machine name when you login.
>>Also, as far as I know you need to add a samba user for the Windows box
>>to authenticate against.
>>Unfortunatly I cannot be more helpful than this - I haven't used samba
>>in quite a while but i'm sure someone else will be able to help nps.
>>Basically yes, your doing something daft but it's a common thing and one
>>that actually stumped me for a while when I first started using samba :)
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