[Scottish] Hopeless newbie charges on

ray rayH at engineering-intelligence.co.uk
Tue Sep 6 04:36:16 BST 2005

On Monday 05 Sep 2005 16:50, Steve Logan wrote:
> So - do you have any recommendations for a good not-quite-eedjit book
> for introducing a moderately expert Windows user to SuSE?
>   It seems to me that there's a different mindset
> that Windows folks needs to be learn to get around a Linux box? 

First I would endorse Billy's suggestion of purchasing SuSE 9.3 Pro - I would 
not wait for 10.0. There is an awful lot of documentation (including books) 
on the DVDs (handy for reading on trains and ferries) and the paper manuals 
are just what you need for ploughing in. Personally as a long time SuSE user 
I would consider then skipping 10.0 and buying the upgrade to 10.1. The 
upgrades to date have been the same as the full version with the exception of 
the paper "User Guide", but do include the "Admin Guide".  Yast Online Update 
or FOU4S (Fast Online Update For SuSE) will keep you up to date on the 
security front, and can also provide the most recent KDE and Gnome versions.

"Unix Power Tools" from O'Reilly is an enormous collection of basic practical 
user knowledge and an insight into the Unix way of thinking. The third 
edition knows about Linux and Xwindows. Very strongly recommended.


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