[Scottish] USB memory sticks and SuSE 9.3

Robert Barbour rlbarbour at castleventures.fsnet.co.uk
Sun Jan 1 23:57:55 GMT 2006

Happy New Year to you all!

My New Year resolution not to ask dumb questions has gone 'oot the windae' already!

When I tried to transfer a file via a USB memory stick, I discovered that the USB ports on my machine do not seem to be recognised, when something is attached.

I have no other USB peripherals and this is my first attempt to transfer a file from a mem stick.

Should I plug the thing in before starting the machine? Or doesn't it matter?

The only indication I can find that the USB port is detected is when I go into system information and it tells 
me the name of the memory stick - presumably this is the 'volume label' allocated by the friend who provided the stick.

When I open up konqueror, all I get is the hard drive showing. (The floppy drive doesn't show either, presumably because there is no disk in it?)
So is the mem stick being recognised but not displayed?
What do I do to get it to appear, so I can copy  from it?

Any suggestions gratefully received, especially for using KDE/yast etc to solve the problem - Command promt stuff is a bit beyond me at the moment.


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